Al-Falah Housing Society DHA Lahore


Alfalah Cooperative Housing Society is a brave new endeavor taken up by two extremely well respected. Renowned institutions of Pakistan namely Executives of Alfalah Bank and Warid. If you’re looking for a dependable place in Lahore which is not beyond reach yet provides all the necessary amenities. You need and more thee look no further than Alfalah Housing Society. Their top priority is to provide you with all the facilities and amenities you could require. While also providing you peaceful and serene living with an amazing environment and conditions all around you. They offer comfort, safety, and peace.

About Developers of Alfalah Housing Society

alfalah-society-lahoreBank Alfalah is the 5th largest bank of Pakistan with over 600 branches in Pakistan. With an international presence in Bangladesh, Bahrain, Afghanistan and a representative office in the UAE. It is owned by the Abu Dhabi Group and boasts an international presence. Due to this fact. This project has credibility and wins the trust of investors. Moreover, Warid is also a major and reputable company that is also owned by the Abu Dhabi Group.


Plots for Sale

This massive project is spread across approximately 700 acres of land. With residential units of 5 marlas, 10 marlas, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal being offered with every possible comfort you could desire. Alfalah’s housing society is a unique investment opportunity. That gives you the leverage to purchase and design your dream house however you wish.

  • 4 marla
  • 5 marla
  • 10 marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Location of Alfalah Housing Society:

  • 10 Km from Ring Road (Bedian Interchange)
  • 9 Km from DHA Phase 5 and Phase 6 and Nawaz Sharif Interchange ring road
  • 13 Km from Ferozepur Road

alfalah-society-lahoreA Cooperative Housing Society

Alfalah cooperative housing society Lahore is a residential venture which has been established purely. The benefit of its members and it operates on a self-help basis. Whereby you can use your plot of land to enhance and create wealth. Furthermore, this helps families obtain decent and comfortable housing. Which they wouldn’t be able to afford or acquire under different circumstances.

Alfalah’s cooperative society also empowers and increases. The contentment and happiness of landowners because of its many advantages. Alfalah housing society’s regulations, codes, and specifications are all up to date and the local authority. As well as the public authorities, have signed off on it and look at it as an incredible investment opportunity. Along with being a marvelous housing contingency plan. Alfalah society Lahore has been duly registered with the Registrar Cooperatives, Government of Punjab.

Safety and Serenity

Alfalah housing society prioritizes its members and their security above all else and offers high-quality residential facilities. In a densely populated metropolis like Lahore. Alfalah housing society offers a safe and sound location in DHA Phase 10. With some of the lowest crime rates in Lahore along with its boundary wall and uniquely designed. The main entrance and the front wall which gives it all the safety and security of a gated housing society.

However, that is not the only thing that makes Alfalah housing society incredibly lucrative. Attractive housing and investment opportunity. It also enjoys a peaceful location that is beautiful and serene and has an altogether harmonious ambiance. Alfalah society Lahore is a perfect, tranquil, and amicable place. For comfortable family living and happy and content family life.


Alfalah cooperative housing society Lahore has been set up with the sole objective. Providing high quality living with well designed and curated amenities for all its members to enjoy.

  • Schools

Some incredible features include schools and playgrounds. So your children will always be close to you. It obtains high-end education and extracurricular activities in a safe and secure environment.

  • Mosques

It also contains graveyards and mosques.

  • Society office

Society office is also erected in Alfalah housing society. For your queries and suggestions at all times.

  • Clinic

Alfalah housing society also offers its members healthcare facilities. A clinic and hospital in society.

  • Fire Brigade

Keeping Alfalah housing society’s attention to your safety. There is also a fire brigade station located within the society for any emergency situations.

  • Library

There is also a library and post office in accordance with providing its members. All the recreational facilities are possible.

  • Internet

In that vein, Alfalah housing society also includes an optic fiber network. So all its members will always be on the cloud and never experience any inconvenience. It also includes a Community Centre for all sorts of events.

  • Clubhouse

A clubhouse for all members to enjoy numerous activities. Like table tennis or other sports and extracurricular activities.

  • Shopping Areas

All of your needs will be curated. Considered and met here at Alfalah Housing Society Lahore along with all your shopping needs.defence-raya


Alfalah cooperative housing society Lahore does not just boast an incredible and secure location in DHA Phase 10. But it also provides well thought out and curated facilities to its members. It includes a Clubhouse for its members. Where they can enjoy all sorts of exciting activities. Alfalah society Lahore offers parks for the children and adults alike to enjoy.

The members of the housing society can spend their evening enjoying the fresh air and refreshing their minds and bodies. For this purpose, there are also woodlands and forestation within Alfalah housing society. This will keep fresh air always coming and present in your presence. Not only that, but it also has shopping areas. So the members can get all their necessities right at their doorsteps.

Special Features
Boundary wallUniquely designed main entrance & front wallMosques
SchoolsClinic/HospitalShopping Areas
GraveyardFire brigade StationParks
PlaygroundsWoodland/ForestationOptic Fiber Network
Clubhouse for membersLibraryommunity Centre
Society officePost office


Why Invest in The Alfalah Housing Society:

  • Merging with DHA Lahore
  • 300% to 400% growth in residential and commercial property in the last 4 years
  • Merging with DHA means the property will quickly rise in the near future
  • This is the best investment opportunity of Lahore


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