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The capital of Pakistan’s most prosperous province. Lahore is the country’s second-most populous city after Karachi and is one of the wealthiest cities in Pakistan. It is a cultural hub with so many architectural movements traipsing across this beautiful city. Lahore is a city that is alive with culture and art and movement and reality. Orbit Housing Presents Apartments for sale in Lahore.

Displaying the Minar-e-Pakistan, the country’s most prestigious symbol. Lahore is a haven of antiquity and glory. A descendant of the 16th and 17th century Mughals’ extravagant tastes and ardent love of art. Lahore is home to some of the world’s most magnificent buildings. The mosques like the Badshahi mosque and the bewitching Sheesh Mahal. Not only that, it is the food capital of Pakistan. Located right at the heart of this brilliant cultural hub is the Springs Apartments Homes Lahore.


The convenient location of the Springs villas makes it an even more of a fortunate and advantageous investment opportunity. Located in the heart of what is known as “New Lahore”. Springs villas are the perfect place to catch a whiff of this newness of this city drenched in antiquity. The New Lahore City project is developed by Zaitoon. Pakistan’s leading real estate services company is a market leader in the realty sector. The developers behind this project have created a name for themselves since. The last three decades proving themselves and delivering projects and that is phenomenal and brilliant and always sets new standards for everyone else.

With all of their state of the art residential and commercial projects. Zaitoon has become a name synonymous with excellence, integrity, professionalism, and extraordinaire work. Their New Lahore City is a marvel of master planning and Springs Villas and Apartments which reside here have held on to went beyond this. Springs Villas, with their masterful planning and strategizing, has become a pinnacle of brilliant living and planning development. The sophisticated construction of engineering excellence of Springs villas in the New Lahore City is the zenith of architectural marvel.

Near To All Key-Points

  • Located right on the main Canal Bank Road. The Springs Apartments Lahore are resided in an easy to find a location. That makes it a very profitable and opportune location as well as inviting the attention and ardor of investors and residents alike.
  • Only 1 km from Multan Road or Lahore ring road SL-3 interchange. New Lahore City is easy to locate and arrive at yet again making it an ideal location for investors. For the visitors and residents.
  • Probably one of the most elite areas of Lahore, the DHA EME sector is located right next to the Springs villas and is only 3 minutes away. Being this close to DHA EME makes the Springs villas grow and elate in the stock market. It makes the location even more enviable.
  • With the Raiwind Road so close to it, investors’ interest piques in the Springs villas and homes.

    Easy Access To Motorway

  • Only 5 minutes away from the Lahore Motorway. It’s easy and accessible is a dream come true for most investors. It is easy to get to and locate and is based in one of the most pristine locations in the city. Moreover, traveling and going to and fro other cities. It has also become a lot easier now for the residents of Springs villas and homes.
  • With Bahria Town very near and major other housing society surrounding it like Eden Canal Villas. AWT Housing Society Phase 1, and Jubilee Town, the Springs apartments are incredibly peaceful. Serene and a very family-oriented place to live in.
  • Better still, for the residents of Springs villa and homes, there is easy access to Orange Train Metro Line which makes it so much easier for the residents of Springs Villa to get places. The beauty of this particular public transportation is that it runs straight across the entire city and transportation and conveyance will never be an issue for the residents of Springs villa, homes, and apartments.
  • Security

One of the greatest merits of springs apartment Lahore is the amenities and facilities available to the residents. With a special eye and attention awarded to style, luxury, and design, Springs villas do not forget about the security and safety of its residents. It gives residents the privilege and safety of around the clock 24/7 security. But that’s not where their dedication to security and safety ends. Springs villas and apartments have juxtaposed incredible and brilliant design, engineering, and architectural integrity with security and safety and protection of its residents.

  • This is epitomized in the earthquake-proof building design on which its engineers and architects have worked very hard. Day and night are just to provide structural integrity to the beautiful and practical springs villas.
  • Owing to their dedication to security design. There are designated fire exits on each floor of Springs villa and homes.
  • Moreover, there is CCTV security across the entire building and homes to ensure that you are always safe and protected and never feel threatened. Due to there always being CCTV security, the chances of crime drop drastically which makes Springs villas a crime-free zone to live in.


The structural and architectural integrity of Springs villas and homes is to die for. It incorporates the best, most modern and contemporary architectural designs and techniques.

  • Elevators are always available for every floor making every floor suitable and preferable.
  • Moreover, the springs villas and homes are handicapped accessible which is also a driving force for business investors to invest in a place like springs villas which prioritizes its residents above all else, going above and beyond for its residents and customers and providing them with the most they can get in a living experience and every kind of convenience available.
  • There is also 24-hour electricity available and you never have to live in fear. Your power going out and your life being held on hold just because of that. You can now live in your home unafraid of that and have always these basic necessities of life available to you without sparing them a second thought.


A testament to its brilliant design and attention to detail is the fact that there are countless luxuries and numerous prestigious amenities available to make your home a dream home. For the hot Lahore summer. There is a large plunge pool surrounded by a view of beautiful gardens. Always stay refreshed and cool in Lahore’s hot summer days.


  • On that note, there is also central air conditioning in the entire building and your villas at Springs homes as your comfort and high-end living is what’s most important to the makers of springs villas.
  • Not only that, to keep you up and fresh. There is also a very large playground on the grounds of Springs villas. Where you can form a community and play all kinds of sports and form clubs with fellow residents and form unique friendships.
  • Keeping in mind the human element of communities, Springs villas has also developed a community Centre that further helps to bring people together and create a sort of unity and human connection among people which is something that the people of Lahore pride themselves on. In this community area, the members of springs villas can host all sorts of events and meeting and come together as a people. They can also host parties or business or social gatherings.
  • Separate from a playground, there is also a tennis court available for the residents and members of springs villas for evening activities.
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    Leasure Activities

  • Moreover, there is also a state-of-the-art gymnasium with extremely high end and all the modern machinery available. Apart from physical exercise to keep yourself healthy and fit. There are also facilities available for your self-care and all of the comfort and luxuries that your body requires.
  • The beautifully designed spa offers which gives you a luxurious, comfortable, and relaxing experience. With a timeless and contemporary spa. You will forget all your worries and relax completely in the hands of experts leaving you always looking fresh and new.
  • Moreover, wash away all that toxicity in the top-notch sauna of the springs villas which offers you luxury and comfort and leaves you feeling refreshed and so much lighter sweating away all your worries and toxins in your body.
  • That’s not all. Springs villas offer facilities and amenities for everyone and all age groups which are why they have also included a kid’s area in their design. The kids will love this securely built and extremely fun kids’ area which has many swings and rides keeping them always entertained and, in turn, keeping the parents worry-free and relaxed.
  • Keeping in mind Lahore’s love and ardor for food, there is also a delectable food court with cuisines from around the world. If ever you don’t feel like cooking, just head on over the food court and take your pick from all sorts of foods and cuisines from across continents.
  • And last, but definitely not the least. There is available in springs villas a Building-wide High-speed wireless Internet cloud. All these amenities, facilities, and luxuries make springs villas one of the best places to live in all the country and definitely stands as one of the most elite places to live in.


The merits of investing in Springs Apartments Homes Lahore are many.

  • The average annual rental yields of the total investment are expected to be at 7-8% and it holds investors’ trust & confidence because it is being approved by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA).
  • Moreover, Real estate gains, in the area. It Rose 50-60% in the last 3 years and 65-75% of the increase is expected in the next 4 years.
  • This luxury property is an easy 4 years installment plan.
  • Being so close to Lahore Ring Road and alternate Route. The location increases the price and demand of The Springs Apartments and villas.
  • The improved high-end lifestyle with so many luxuries and comforts available. Its residents have become a huge demand and a source of attraction for the buyers.
  • because of the projected widening of Canal Bank Road, Location appeal has increased manifold.

    Comparison With Other

  • The per sq. ft. of Springs Apartments is available in just PKR 8470 while Penta Square per sq. ft. for 17000, Hyde Park & Oyster Court in PKR18000 per sq. ft.
  • The biggest metropolis of Pakistan, Lahore & Karachi altogether makes 62% of Pakistan’s urban population because of which the demand for more high-end and luxury lifestyle increases.
  • Because of growth in urbanization. Here is 0.7 million units are required each year.
  • Real estate offers higher returns as compared to other districts including the financial sector. Which offered a return of 5.7% in 2016.
  • The Orange Line Metro Train is also easily approachable and resides within the vicinity. The Springs Apartments Homes Lahore making this property not only one of the most luxurious and high-end places in Lahore. It is also one of the most convenient and practical.

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