Capital Smart City planned Overseas Blocks to provide overseas Pakistanis an investment opportunity. Overseas Pakistanis are assets of our country. They spend their whole life abroad to raise their family and economy. Smart City Islamabad aims to offer exclusive breaks to them to invest in their own country. Due to nearness to Islamabad Airport, CSCI already allures foreign clients towards it. Overseas Blocks add more excellence to this mighty project.

CSCI is the pioneer in starting an elite space for overseas Pakistanis. Plan of Overseas Blocks came on February 20th, 2018 in The Dorchester, London.

Capital Smart City is a state-of-the-art residential housing project in Pakistan. This is Pakistan’s first smart project with vast areas and high-end facilities. With the chief location in Islamabad, this is one project of its kind. This grand project is the initiative of Future Development Holdings Pvt Ltd (FDHL). FDHL works under the shadow of HabibRafiqPvt Ltd (HRL). The master planner of the project is a renowned Singaporean firm; Surbana Jurong (SJ). With so many smart facilities. The specialty is this society is Capital Smart City Islamabad Overseas Block.

There are two Overseas Blocks:

1- Overseas Block-1

2- Overseas Block-2



This district is going to be ready in the first quarter of 2020.


This block will be ready by 2020.


These Blocks of Capital Smart City are present in the upper field on the right side of Main Boulevard of CSCI. These exclusive blocks are next to Islamabad Motorway (M2). Overseas Blocks will be accessible from Motorway via the assigned interchange.

Inside the Capital Smart City, these blocks are present in the center of the project. These are beside the Financial Square district. This is the reason that they act as a hub for business and economic purposes.


Due to the supreme location and best facilities, Overseas Blocks are the center of CSCI. To show gratitude to overseas Pakistanis, CSCI has made an exclusive space for them. Overseas Blocks are of international standards. After living abroad, this place is the ideal place to live in for overseas Pakistani citizens. These blocks are the best options for them to live and to invest in their homeland.


The design of the overseas block is in such a way, that it provides its residents a luxurious lifestyle. Proximity to Islamabad Motorway and Airport invites many business and employment opportunities here. There are several splendid features of both Overseas Blocks, mentioned below:

1- Residential Plots

Residential plots in overseas blocks are of different density. You can own a plot of your own choice. These are affordable plots for overseas Pakistani to live. Surrounded by all the necessary facilities, these plots are worth buying.

2- Residential Villas

These beautiful villas are the dream of everyone to live. You can have designs of your choice in these villas. You can buy a villa of your choice density. These are of different interior and exterior designs. They are exclusive for foreign visitors and overseas Pakistanis.

3- Residential Mansions

These mansions are of exceptional designs. They are extravagant houses; those symbolize the best living experience. International designers have designed these fine mansions to provide the best facilities.

4- Hospitality

There is a special hospitality placement for foreign visitors who come to Pakistan. There are all the services here to ease the guests or visitors.

5- Retail

Due to the presence of Financial Square next to Overseas Blocks, there are various retail opportunities here. Many business and economic activities take place in these blocks. Different international companies have plans to open their branches here in Smart City. This will also increase the trading opportunities here.

6- Food & Beverages

Good quality, hygienic and tasty food attracts locals here. To please your taste buds, you can come here to have varieties of dishes.

7- Health Care

There are health facilities with advanced technology. All required medical machinery is present in the health complex. The best health facilities here ensure a healthy community.

8- Education

Within the block, there are the best educational services. Students not only learn academic education but get training to be a good human.

9- Mosque

To bend on your knees in front of Allah Almighty, there is Mosque in the block. For religious needs to meet, you can go there.

10- Admin Building

For any information, help, or query, there is an admin staff in the admin building. To get information about the overseas block, anyone can go there.

11- Linear Park

To keep your mind and soul healthy, there is a park within the block. Residents of the block can go there with their families for fresh air and amusement.


Overseas Blocks consist of plots of different density. These are 5-Marla, 10-Marla, 1-Kanal & 2-Kanal plots that will accommodate all Non-Resident Pakistanis.



Sr.noPlot SizeTotal Price
15 Marla2,415,000/-
27 Marla3,151,000/-
310 Marla4,140,000/-
412 Marla4,577,000/-
51 Kanal6,210,000/-
62 Kanal12,190,000/-



Booking of the plots in overseas block-1 is in progress by the start of 2020. By 2021, overseas block 2 will be ready. To ease overseas Pakistani citizens. The booking of the plot is very easy. All you need are:

– 2 Passport size pictures

– Booking amount of the plot

– 2 Photocopies of your NICOP

– 2 Photocopies of Your next to Kin/ Nominee ID Card


Overseas Pakistanis spend their life abroad for earning with best facilities. They earn to live a life full of smart and advanced facilities in their homeland. To ease those Pakistanis, Capital Smart City Islamabad Overseas Block has established. Capital Smart City provides world-class smart facilities in Pakistan in a good price plan. For an investment with a good return and a secured future in our country. These blocks have no match in the country.


CAPITAL SMART CITY, A dream come true out of the basic needs of human beings, one is housing. Why you should invest in Capital Smart City Islamabad

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