Cliffside Villas at Bhurban Road Murree

Cliffside Luxury Villas 

Nestled amid the Bhurban Valley, each and every Cliffside villa offers amazing views of surrounding valleys. A handful of villas face the adjacent forest as well and villas on the corner face both the valley and the forest.Villas have a European touch of modernity & a feel of the colonial-era architecture.

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    Projects Highlights

    Nestled amid the Bhurban Valley, each and every Cliffside villa offers amazing views of surrounding valleys. Views of the valley from cliffside villas make you feel on top of the world with beauty to gaze at.

    • Approved by Murree Development Authority.
    • Infrastructure of the highest quality.
    • Wake up to Majestic view.
    • Explore near by Forest.
    • Guaranteed 8% – 10% rental income.
    • Ideal holiday home.
    • A Resort style luxury living.

    8% – 10%
    Rental Income 

    Valley View from
    18,312,500 PKR
    975-1176 Sq. Ft.

    Forest View from
    19,562,500 PKR
    1045-1365 Sq. Ft.

    Hills View from
    19,937,500 PKR
    1063-1543 Sq. Ft.

    Project Description


    Cliffside Villas housing society in Murree are luxury villas situated in the heart of the beautiful and exuberant Murree with snowy mountains all around. The Murree hills provide a peace and beauty that will touch your very soul and you will feel as if you’re soaring with the clouds. The summers at Cliffside Villas Murree will be spent in a haze of clouds touching you and beautiful green planes as far as the eye can see as well as an exotic lush green forest for you to explore.


    However, the charm and appeal of these luxurious villas don’t end there. They have a lot more to offer with a glamorous interior design that is to die for.  With a contemporary European style and a modern urban chic design, the Cliffside Villas are a breathtaking sight. A charming sun room on every first floor of every house ensures that you perpetually have the alluring view of the Murree hills to satiate your senses. Settle down in this bewitching and graceful dreamland in a luxurious and glamorous villa consisting of a garage and an expansive 3-bedroom layout which will prove to be your dream house as well


    Enjoy this gated community and its many services such as high-speed Wi-Fi internet and backup power supply in Cliffside Villas Murree. Moreover, there are also numerous leisure activities here to enjoy such as paragliding in the floating clouds or golf in the oldest golf club in Pakistan or just go for a hike or walk in the alluring forests with beautiful green trees all around you and Nature calling you to herself.

    There is also an option to buy a furnished house so visit Nestleap now to book your house in this enchanting dreamland.


    The Cliffside location has been carefully selected, where you will find yourself surrounded by the natural beauty with your loved ones having the access to a multitude of fun activities.

    Location of The Cliffside Villas Murree:

    • Located at main Bhurban Road, Murree.
    • 3.4 km from Chinar Golf Club.
    • 3.5 km from Pear Continental Hotel.
    • 3.5 km from Eliot Forest.
    • 10.7 km from Jhika Gali.
    • 14 km from Mall Road, Murree.
    • 21 km from Kohala Bridge.
    • 26 km from Patriata Chair Lift.
    • 32 km from Ayubia.

    Why Invest in The Cliffside Villas Murree:

    • 80- 100% capital gains expected in the next 3 years. 
    • 8- 10% Guaranteed Rental Income while the owners can use the villa for 30 days free of charges.
    • It is the most affordable housing project in the neighbourhood; being offered in Instalment plan of 2 years – thus being ideal for investment.
    • Being a project of the Murree Development Authority (MDA), your Cliffside investments come with the guarantee of unrivaled security.
    • The project’s development work is currently underway in full swing. Model house has been completed by 50 to 60%.
    • An exclusive segment of the CliffSide Villa inventory is directly being sold and marketed by, ensuring that all due diligence continues to be taken care of in the project’s execution.



    Surrounded by mountains, valleys, and a lush green forest, living in the Cliffside villas housing society in Murree feels like living in a dreamland. Some villas offer the fresh ad invigorating view of just the forest while other villas face both the valleys and the forest which provides a tranquility and peace our souls year for. This paradise on earth is made even more beautiful with the strategically designed villas which offers you the views you have been craving all your life.


    Cliffside villas is a properly gated community which has on-site guards all around the clock and they exercise controlled access. Only the residents are allowed to come inside so there is always security and safety provided to you. Moreover, there are CCTV cameras everywhere which ensure that there is constant surveillance so the residents always feel secure in their homes.


    If you are looking for a summer house somewhere with just the perfect weather where you can enjoy the summer then look no further. With frequent rains and a sea of clouds, this is the perfect place to spend your summer, sip coffee in the evenings, and enjoy the amazing view. Your summer has never be more perfect and will be spent in a flurry of clouds enveloped by the most beautiful mountains and lush green trees. This housing society in Murree will give all these features.


    The summer isn’t the only good thing about it. Live in this winter wonderland with snowy mountains all around and a sheet of beautiful white, glowing snow sat atop everything the eye can see. Yet the roads are kept open during the winter months so travel at your leisure and enjoy the snow. The trees along with the mountains are wearing a cloak of white all winter long and the pristine grace of snowy winters will make you feel like you can float. Moreover, you can enjoy all the winter sports like go skiing or snowboarding and never let the cold hold you back.


    Be a part of the exclusive community at Cliffside and spend times with some of the other residents. But if you are not an outgoing person, the neighborhood is not close enough to be intrusive but still close enough to not be out of reach. This housing society in Murree offer you exclusivity and an elite living standard along with aesthetic pleasure and a view to die for. With security around the clock, there are also other added bonuses like having your own community removed from the crowd and noise of tourists. so enjoy your peace and quiet in this exclusive community.


    The Cliffside villas are located in the centre of the city with aqll the tourist attractions located nearby with only the distance of half an hour at most. Moreover, there is a Golf Course, 5-Star Hotels & Hiking tracks all located just a few minutes away. There are numerous advantages to being located in a central location. You can explore the city or visit tourists sites whenever your heart desires. Moreover, all hospitals are nearby and so are 5 star restaurants. Being in such a convenient location, you can enjoy the view of the entire city as you are surrounded completetly by majestic mountains, floating clouds, and lush green trees covered white in winters.



    Play golf at the oldest golf club of Pakistan which is maintained by the Pakistan army and is located only 5-10 minutes away. Refresh your senses and play golf at the beautiful Chinar Club with friends of associates and take advantage of the beautiful valleys of Murree and the fresh air that you will not find in any other city.


    As a special bonus just for the members of the Cliffside villas housing society Murree, a dedicated space has been provided where you can have special BBQ nights or bonfires with your friends and acquaintances from the community and have the advantage of exclusivity and peace. Escape the crowded Mall Road and other tourist sites. With this dedicated space, you can have as many outdoor activities and it would not be crowded. Apart from that, step away from home and indulge in many leisure activities available in this mountainous region.


    Take a walk in the Eliot Forest or go hiking in the Trek for Hikers marked by the government. Titillate your senses in this Reserve Forest Area and feel one with nature and the trees and breathing in that fresh air. Psychologists urge us to go into nature as it is proven to be the best anti-depressant avaialable to us. So venture out into the forest and breathe deeply.


    If you are craving for the 5-star experience again, it is right at your doorstep with the luxurious and internationally recognized PC Bhurban only 5-10 minutes away and another 5 star hotel is being built by Avari which is within walking distance. Take a swim in the hotel pool or enjoy the gym, sauna or 5-star dining. PC Bhurban offers hi-tea which stands to international standards and you can enjoy it whenever you want. Furthermore, the view, the vibe, the light, and the mountains all make for an experience that can not be replicated and is infinitely unparalelled in its magic and beauty.


    All the tourist attractions are quite nearby which makes it all that easier to try out these activities. So, go trekking or hiking, or play golf at the Golf Chinar Club. You can even go and enjoy the infamous chairlifts at Murree or the cable car. You can go snowdiving, or skiing, or shopping. There are endless options available.

    Villas Floor Plan

    Here is the master plan & floor plan of The CliffSide Villas Murree

    Pricing Plan

    Villa No
    Area (SqFt)
    Covered (SqFt)
    Price (Rs.)
    Down Payment(20%)
    6 x Quarterly
    Possession (20%)


    • Extra 10% will be charged on valley views
    • Extra 10% will be charged on Corner
    • Prices dont include Furnishing
    • Prices are exclusive of WHT
    • No. of bedrooms will vary from 2 – 4 depending on villa size

    About Developers

    Founding Members of New Life Developers Pvt. (Ltd.) have an extensive experience in the field of Construction and Real Estate, spanning over decades. It is registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan & Pakistan Engineering Council. Its registered office is in Lahore.

    NLD Group has undertaken and completed a number of construction projects all across Pakistan. Real Estate Projects of New Life Developers are initiated with 100% land ownership.

    The housing society in Murree has been designed by the in house Architecture Department of the company and the construction is being carried out by the company’s own ‘Construction Division’ thereby maintaining the quality of construction while ensuring the timely delivery of projects.

    New Life Developers believe in long term relationships with its partners nestleap and they presents housing society in Murree.

    Development status

    Actual Photos of Completed Villa


    You are just a click away to get attention of an experienced realtor who guides you perfectly about the investment or home buying.