Company Overview

With tremendous experience in this field, NestLeap Real Estate Marketing Company is ready to serve you professionally. From high-end assistance to quality planning and execution, we have got it all covered for you. The company’s main focus is to upgrade and improve the process of purchase and sale in the real estate domain by generating mutual understanding, ingenuity, and honesty.

Mr Fahim Ullah, the man behind NestLeap, had an immense passion for creating a trustworthy agency that could let people make huge investments with a maximum level of trust and confidence. This vision led him to inaugurate this venture in 2018.

Our Mission

Our goal is to make a constructive, long-term contribution. We believe in satisfying our customers by prioritizing their needs before our own and offering the greatest degree of honesty and competence possible. We are committed to providing our clients with top-class service assistance and market-leading competence.

Our Vision

The focus that NestLeap has on its growth while keeping the quality consistently high makes it quite unique and paves the way for well-oriented development. Our collective attitude and willingness to improve aid us in achieving our objectives. From the relationships we form to the projects that we close, we focus on paying attention to every detail so that no client feels unsatisfied.

Our Team

Cooperation and interdisciplinary teamwork are encouraged at NestLeap as a means of gaining perspective and striving for excellence in our work. Our company’s dedicated team of specialists embrace quality and innovation. Every member of our team is expected to uphold the core values of our company which include; quality, integrity, and loyalty.

M ‪Fahim Ullah
Chief Executive Officer
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Ghassan Bhatti
Managing Director
Usman Rafique
Marketing Manager
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Malik Rizwan
Social Media Manager
Zunaira Atif
Senior Sales Executive
Anam Rana
Senior Sales Executive
Hasham Iqbal
Sales Executive
Adil Sohail
Sales Executive
Hareem Fatima
Sales Executive
Nabeel Akhtar
Sales Executive
Ishfaq Ahmed
Web Developer
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Bilal Umer
Digital Media Manager
Mahnoor Ijaz
Content Writer
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Alisba Qasim
Graphic Designer


What can explain the expertise of a label better than the actual experience of customers? Here, we bring you some of the testimonials of respected clients of NestLeap, take a look at them, and decide for yourself.

Hassan Agha

“ Thanks to the team at NestLeap for making the process of purchasing a house in Islamabad for my relatives so straightforward. Highly recommended and commendable work.”

Najeeb Ullah Khattak

“ It is the greatest and most reliable source to safeguard your invested money through NestLeap. Strongly recommended.”

Sohail Mehndi

“ I appreciate NestLeap’s professional advice, which assisted me in making the best choice possible.”

Faheema Jawad

“ I considered NestLeap’s services to be very professional and competent. I appreciate their honesty and promptness in giving thorough information about the home in which I was interested. ”