DHA Villas Bahawalpur


Do you dream about getting your own house now and then? If yes, why not move forward to turn your wish list into a checklist? DHA Bahawalpur brings you the perfect opportunity to upgrade your lifestyle. From your own house to the whole community, you can now enhance your living as well as surroundings by just availing yourself of this ultimate chance.

We understand that you will be quite concerned about why you should consider investing in DHA Bahawalpur Villas or what facilities you will get. This is why we have brought you all the information. From why you should opt for DHA Bahawalpur to location, house sizes, and offerings, let us take you down the whole lane.

Why DHA Bahawalpur?

The launch of these Villas by DHA Bahawalpur has been after the successful legacy of DHA phase 01 completion in Bahawalpur. With the aim of offering a remarkable standard of life, DHA provides a plan full of facilities. The project can easily catch the eye of anyone who is looking to upgrade to a luxury-filled lifestyle.

With multiple pros, this project weighs quite high when you compare different properties to invest in. The high-end security system of DHA Bahawalpur will let you sleep soundly, knowing that the security is there to protect you 24/7.

Hurry up and get your home now, as this project is based on the first-come and first serve principle. From quality to the community, these villas can offer you all the benefits that you had been waiting for.

Ready to Move-in Villas

Can anything make you feel more relaxed than a well-built house that is just ready for you to move in? Bahawalpur’s posh residential area DHA provides you with this appealing benefit. All that you need to do is to pay and buy the house right after which you can easily move into it and enjoy your new lifestyle.

As far as the construction of these houses is concerned, DHA has a huge legacy of success in the field, will definitely not disappoint you in this domain. However, some of you might still want to buy a plot at this beautiful location and build your own home. For these buyers, the good news is that DHA offers such plots as well.

House Size

While DHA has been launching several projects based on different size ranges for a different set of buyers, these Villas are specifically built on the 6 Marla area. If you want to have an independent place to live with your immediate family, nothing can beat a 6 Marla luxurious villa in a high-end housing area.

Location of DHA Villas

The posh area of DHA awaits your presence with this project in sector D. The greenery and lavish environment in this sector are all that you need to live a sound and healthy life. Away from the stress of commercial areas, DHA sector D with 6 Marla villas can be a perfect choice for you to escape into a peaceful world.

DHA Villas Payment Plan

When a property catches your eyes, you instantly check for its price point. As far as the DHA villas are concerned, you can make the payment in two of the following ways:

  • Full Payment
  • Instalment Plan

Full Payment

When you opt for the full payment method for purchasing these villas, all you have to do is to pay an amount of 1 crore rupees at once. After the payment, you can now move into your brand-new home.

Instalment Plan

Another plan that DHA Bahawalpur offers for the payment of these villas is to go for the instalment plan. This is based on the tenure of 1 whole year. Moreover, in case of instalments, you will have to pay a surplus amount of 10 lac other than one crore.

Total Price
Down Payment
12 monthly

Villa Community

Villas provide you with the feeling of owning a home that is fully independent while yet allowing you to take the perks of a housing society. A typical villa community comprises a communal area, clubs, and other facilities, as well as a chain of independent residences clustered together based on their amenities or size. This feeling of a united neighbourhood will make you feel even more secured and social at the same time.

What makes a residential area best for living in the set of offerings. Imagine having to live your life in a society where there is no health or educational service nearby. Wouldn’t it be quite hard to live there? This is the main reason why DHA attracts most of the buyers. The following offerings make it stand out amongst the bests.

We all look for educational facilities that are close to our residencies for the sake of children, right? The completion of the school nearby will make it easy for you to pick and drop your children. As the school is present within the territory of DHA, the sense of security will never get compromised.

In today’s day and age, entertainment is quite important so that you can escape away from the daily stressors of life. The ongoing construction of clubs and the presence of gyms, cricket ground as well as well-maintained parks will never let both kids and adults feel left out.

DHA is known for the aesthetics they put into their work. Whenever aesthetics are involved, maintenance is a must. Hence, the authorities will take proper care of everything from parks to roads and sewage systems so that the residents never feel bothered.

Health facilities are one of the most major concerns when you move from one place to another. However, in case of buying a villa in DHA Bahawalpur, all of your stress will run away as we tell you that Shoukat Khanum Hospital has officially announced its opening in this sector in the near future. With such an advanced health care facility near your home, you would never need to take a long route.

The 24/7 security system of DHA allows its residents to fully rely on the authorities and live a happy and safe life. The installation of cameras and allocation of security guards at every entrance and exit makes the whole DHA community feel safe and sound.

Model Villa

Here is the 6 Marla Model villa of DHA Bahawalpur

Final Verdict

When you look for a suitable home to live in, you are concerned about the area, neighbourhood, lifestyle, security, and facilities. However, you may not get an all-in-one package anywhere else other than DHA Bahawalpur. Hence, investing here can prove as something you’ll never regret in the future.

DHA Bahawalpur Plots

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