The Gateway of Prosperity

Gwadar or the “Gate of Wind” in Balochi is an incredibly important part of Pakistan’s history and economy. Gwadar first came under Pakistani rule in 1958 after realizing its immense strategic importance. Before this, it was an overseas possession of Oman from 1783 to 1958. Pakistan purchased Gwadar Importance for US$3 million and it officially became a part of Pakistan in December of that year.

Gwadar is a very important economical site for Pakistan not only because of its strategic importance but also because of its location. The Gwadar seaport which is a deep seaport is located on the shores of the Arabian Sea in Baluchistan which just happens to be Pakistan’s biggest province. The city is a trade hub and brings in major economic advantage to the country. After the initiation of CPEC, there was a giant boom in economic activities through the Gwadar port and a 2.11% increase in the GDP of Pakistan making it an ultimate game-changer.


originally relied on artisanal fishing for its economy but has since come a long way. Now its economy mostly depends on it being one of the biggest trade hubs of the country and port-related commerce. The district of Gwadar has four sub-divisions called Ormara, Pasni, Jiwani, and Gwadar. Located at a strategically important position on the Arabian Sea with entry to the Persian Gulf, Gwadar can act as a transshipment hub for Africa, the Middle East and open up access to these areas for landlocked regions in the Central Asian Republics and East Asia.

Locational Advantage

In addition to its locational advantage, the city also offers the deepest seaport and the greatest number of births compared to other regional ports. The port is 17-18 meters deep compared to its closest rival Dubai’s Jebel Ali Port which is 15-16 meters in depth. Similarly, Gwadar has the potential to host above 120 berths, which is significantly higher than port Qasim which currently stands at 33 berths and is at full capacity.

gwadar-portGwadar’s Economic Importance

Due to these incredible economic advantages, Gwadar is the most important stakeholder and player in the budding CPEC which is the biggest and most ambitious economic project Pakistan has ever embarked on. And as one Gwadar official notes, “there is no CPEC without Gwadar.” Moreover, due to CPEC(China–Pakistan Economic Corridor), Gwadar is gaining traction and attention from the federal as well as the provincial government.

The infrastructure and security are constantly improving because of its importance and advantageous location which makes it a haven for investment opportunities. Because of this seaport and development in the area, economic activities and tourism are on the rise. The Pakistan Army has recently started operating a civil hospital and has equipped it with specialist doctors. According to all policymakers, Gwadar is a city with a thriving economic situation with strong private sector investment.


China–Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC) or the China Pakistan Economic Corridor promises to promote bilateral connectivity and construction, explore potential bilateral investment, boost economy and trade, logistics and people to people contact for regional connectivity. CPEC will change the way our entire trade business works and it will introduce numerous new projects which are sure to boost the economy and GDP of the country. Including but not limited to the infrastructure and the Silk Road, CPEC will also improve Road, Rail, Port, Air, and Data Communication Channels. Special attention will be paid to the Energy sector and Energy development.

Agriculture Development

There will also be a lot of major agriculture development due to CPEC as well as socio-economic development such as poverty alleviation, medical treatment, education, water supply, and even vocational training. Furthermore, spatial layout, functional zones, industries, and industrial parks will also be erected. Not only that, tourism in Gwadar and, by extension, will skyrocket, as it already has due to this historic and economical project. Financial cooperation and human resource development will also benefit due to the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC). With these multiple diverse projects which cut across multiple industries and areas, CPEC offers long term benefits that will change the destiny of Gwadar and make it an international player and one of the most important cities and seaports in the entire world.

gwadar-portCPEC and Gwadar

Gwadar, with its strategic location and economic boost due to CPEC. Stands as one of the most important places on a global level. As the most important aspect of the most important deal of Pakistan’s history. Gwadar is destined to be the economic hub that will not just cater to the locals. But will also come off as a key factor for the economic prosperity of Pakistan. China–Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC) offers Pakistan an opportunity for both economic and human development initiatives. Projects in China–Pakistan Economic Corridor are estimated from around $46 billion to $62 billion. Which comes down to about 17% of the country’s total GDP.

Communication Infrastructures

Through the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor. The network of road and communication infrastructures will be developed. Spanning over 3000 km from the city of Kashgar in China to Pakistan’s south-west most tip, Gwadar. It will augment the geo-strategic location of Pakistan in the Persian Gulf as well as in the Arabian Sea. Connecting and providing China access to the rest of South Asia, the Middle East and Africa. In addition to infrastructural development. Some other key elements of CPEC consist of the development of the Gwadar deep seaport. Investment in the energy sector as well as the creation of industrial zones.

gwadar-portGwadar Port City

Gwadar holds the key importance under the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor portfolio. The strategic focus on the simultaneous development of Gwadar port and city. In the form of a new smart port city master plan — it is primarily due to the natural and symbiotic relationship. That exists between a port and the city that surrounds it; one cannot be developed without the other.

Gwadar’s planning is underway in order to lay the foundation for a sustainable regional and blue economy. Drive local businesses, and increase port throughout. Gwadar has the potential to attract domestic and foreign investments in the region. Develop it in an integrated regional manufacturing and energy hub/oil city. The strategies for Blue Economy in the context of Gwadar will be adopted during the next five years. To promote activities in coastal areas of Gwadar.gwadar-port

Gwadar is of pivotal importance to the Silk Route and CPEC because of its strategic location. Due to this, the port city of Gwadar is a hub of connectivity for the Corridor. An indispensable interchange for the Silk Route. Through its deep-sea port, Gwadar has helped China and Pakistan realize the goal of a 21st Century Maritime Silk Route. Which will benefit not only China and Pakistan but also Central Asia by becoming the region’s key entrepôt?

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Ongoing projects in Gwadar.

  • Gwadar Eastbay Expressway (19 km, connecting Gwadar Port to Mehran Coastal Highway)
  • Expansion of Multi-purpose Terminal including Breakwater and Dredging
  • Gwadar Eastbay Expressway II (19 km, connecting Eastbay Expressway I to New Gwadar International Airport)
  • Gwadar Free Zone
  • Fresh Water Supply, Wastewater Treatment Plants for Gwadar City
  • Gwadar New International Airport
  • China-Pakistan Faqeer Primary School Project
  • Gwadar Pak-China Friendship Hospital Upgradation
  • Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan

gwadar-portInvestment in Gwadar

According to many sources, real estate will be a dominant industry in Gwadar in the coming years. The importance of the city will elevate as international investors. Trading and multinational companies will land their feet in Gwadar. Marking the fate of this sector with unprecedented success. Many Pakistanis have already secured their investment in different commercial or residential real estate projects at minimal prices. The huge amount of ex-pat Pakistanis have also dipped their finger into the incredibly beneficial realty sector of Gwadar. These investments are sure to yield massive benefits in recent and future years. Now that the second phase of CPEC has begun in earnest. Gwadar will emerge on the global landscape with massive potential and yield major benefits for all.

Invest In Gwadar

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