Capital Smart City Islamabad Newly Added Harmony Block Low-Cost Apartments & Residential Plots

To live in a smart way, Capital Smart City Islamabad has taken another exclusive step. This step is for offering small-sized plots and villas at lower prices. This addition is with the same smart facilities full of comfort. The beautiful addition of Capital Smart City Islamabad is The Harmony Park Block.

This block comprises 3.5 residential plots, one and two beds villa apartments. These villa apartments are alike Awami Apartments of Bahria Town. The official launching of Harmony Block will be on 22 April 2020.


To cater to the problem of high prices, CSCI has initiated this affordable block. Expert international designers have designed this dream block. To build dreams with CSCI at reasonable prices, this is the perfect place. Facilities in The Harmony Park are as same as of the rest project. In low prices, there are 3.5 Marla residential and 3.5 and 5 Marla apartments. Along with unbelievable prices, there is an easy payment plan of 3.5-4 years.


Capital Smart City has not revealed the exact location of Harmony Block yet. But according to information, The Harmony Park is somewhere around Executive Block. According to this location, this block will have direct access to Chakri Road.

As soon as FDHL will reveal the exact location on the master plan of CSCI, we will update you.


According to give information, these plots are of 3.5 Marla. These plots are of 90SqYd. CSCI has launched 3.5 Marla plots for the first time. These plots for sale in Islamabad are the best opportunity for people who want to invest in less money. According to inflation, prices of the plots will touch the sky in the future. By easy payment plan, you can book your plot here with 4 years of installment plans. After 4 years you will have such a reasonable plot of your own in today’s price.


Villas Apartments are joint apartment. These low-cost villa apartments are part of this exclusive Harmony Park Block. These apartments are of international standards. With modern designs and beautiful exteriors, they look alike to villas. This is the reason they are Villa Apartments.

These villa apartments will have 3 floors:

1- Ground Floor

2- First Floor

3- Second Floor

Each floor will house 2 apartments next to each other. Each building will comprise 6 apartments. There are two types of villa apartments in The Harmony Park Block. These are the following:

1- 3.5 Marla- One-bed apartments

2- 5 Marla- Two-bed apartments

1- 3.5 Marla Villa Apartments

These are smaller apartments and have 3.5 marla and 660SqFt plot size. Each 3.5 marla villa apartment is on the following plan:

  • 1 bedroom
  • 1 bathroom
  • A kitchen
2-  5 Marla Villa Apartments

These 5.0 marla villa apartments are bigger and have a plot size of 856SqFt. Each building comprises of 6 apartments; 2 adjacent apartments on each floor. Floor plan of each apartment is the following:

  •  2 Proper bedrooms
  • 1 Child bedroom
  • A Bathroom
  • 1 Living room
  • A Kitchen

The payment plan of the plots and villa apartments in Harmony Park Block is very easy. That is a golden opportunity for people who want to invest for short term gain. Capital Smart City is offering the following installment plans:

  • Residential Plots-3.5 years
  • Villa Apartments-4.0 years

Booking is in progress. You can book your plot in a 10% down payment followed by 10% confirmation charges after 30 days. The remaining amount is payable in monthly, quarterly or semi-annual installments.



SMART INVESTMENT IN SMART CITY Islamabad Capital Smart City Islamabad, smart is the way to live today.


    Payment Plan of Residential Plots

    There is a pricing plan of 3.5 years for Residential Plots in Harmony Park Block. You can save 5% on 50% Down Payment and 10% on Lump Sum payment.

    Size (Sq.YD)
    Total Price (PKR)
    Booking (10%)
    Confirmation (10%)
    42 monthly
    Reg. Fee


    • each contains 10% extra of the total price. Besides to the above Main Boulevard (100’ and above) contains 15% extra of total price.- Prime Location Charges: Facing park/Corner/Main road (Between 41’ and 99’)
    • Rebate: 10% rebate on lump-sum payment| 5% rebate on 50% payment.
    • R/P/MS Fee: 7,000(at the time of booking)
    Payment Plan of Villa Apartments

    There is a pricing plan of 4 years for Villa Apartments in Harmony Park Block. You can select your villa on a 25% down payment. You can save 5% on 100% down payment and 2.5% on a 50% down payment.

    Size (Sft)
    Total Price (PKR)
    Booking (10%)
    Confirmation (10%)
    48 monthly
    Reg. Fee


    • Prime location charges: 7.5% Extra for corner|
    • 5% Extra for facing park/Boulevard (41’ and above) each of total Villa price (You can select more than one choice, 2.5% will be for other choices except extra corner)

    Capital Smart City has given a golden opportunity to its investors in the form of this new block. Prime location, smart facilities, and very low prices are key features of the block. Low prices are a novel move of CSCI. People, who couldn’t invest in Smart City Islamabad before, can invest now. In an era of inflation and poverty, housing is the main issue. In the price of a plot, now you can own an apartment in Harmony Park Block.

    Booking in Harmony Park Block is starting from 22nd April 2020. But pre-booking is in progress, you can book plots and apartments of your own choice by contacting us. Booking and payment plans are very easy. Due to low prices, this block will have limited plots and apartments in Capital Smart City. To own your dream home, you should book your plot beforehand. To invest in this profitable block, book your plots and apartments as soon as possible.

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