How to Buy Property in Pakistan?

Over the last few years, the value of Pakistani real estate has skyrocketed. Real estate prices in Islamabad have steadily increased since 2010. This increase has led many wanting to invest in real estate either to turn their lives into luxurious ones or to gain profit.

Continue to read if you’re eager to join the queue but have no idea about the initiation. We are I’m going to walk you through an entire guide that you must follow in order to obtain the greatest value and prevent being taken advantage of by unscrupulous real estate salespeople.

Do Thorough Research

Try to ensure you do your homework before purchasing any property. It does not matter if it’s a house, a plot, a mansion, or an apartment; prior research is equally important. While conducting your thorough research, focus and pay attention deeply. You must be familiar with the openings and closers of the real estate market. It’s sometimes preferable to buy a plot of land, while other times it’s far better to buy a commercial property. Every one of these selections is heavily influenced by economic circumstances as well as your financial resources.

Your preparedness of making an informed choice about your investment depends upon your research. You will only be able to do so after reading about real estate, following real estate related news, and asking around for the newest trends and news in real estate. You can also do this by watching videos on YouTube or by reading books related to real estate.

Investigate the Real Price

Once you have got your eyes set on a property that fulfils your requirement, it’s time for you to know about its value. Making sure that you know the actual value of the land before getting the deal sealed is quite important. It is quite prevalent in Pakistan for dealers to propose higher rates in order to scam clients of their tough-earned money.

To avoid being a target of a real estate scam, inquire about the pricing of the land you are going to acquire. To determine an exact price for the land, contact real estate specialists, development authorities, and real estate brokers.

Look for the Best Agent

This is a tough problem with no clear answer. You must speak with and meet with several agents in order to find the perfect one. It’s a blessing if you succeed in finding the perfect real estate agent. A proper agent would not only present prospective qualities but also guarantee that everything gets executed smoothly. To conclude, if you want things to run smoothly and honestly, choose a professional real estate agent.

Land Assessment

Before finalizing any type of choice, make sure you do a prior assessment of the property. It’s critical to see the land in actuality. Many fraudsters deceive others by showing them fake or different photos while selling them a completely different property. Do not fall victim to this. Maintain vigilance and double-check everything.

You can also choose to consult a land surveyor and have him do soil testing as well. Water can sometimes be present on some plots of ground, which might damage the house’s foundation. This is why it is always a great option to engage a surveyor and have him go over the property for you. This little outlay will protect your prospective property investment as well as your money.

Meeting the Seller

Request your agent to arrange an in-person meeting with the seller. Sealing a deal directly with your agent is never a good idea. Make sure to double-check the allotment/transfer document along with the NIC to ensure possession.

The direct meeting with the seller will enable you to have a detailed discussion over the land with him. Inquire about the size of the site, its locality, nearby facilities, any legal concerns, and so on. Check to see if the seller is honest and open in his dealing. In case of finding out about other properties that your seller has sold, it is always preferable to contact other buyers for transparency.


Now move to an essential point, bargain on pricing and do everything you can to lower them. Typically, vendors mention increased costs which may be fairly easy to drag down. While negotiating, your words play the most part. Make sure to nail this point and be safe as much as you can.


The token is a minimal part of the money that the buyer must pay as a sign of genuine interest in purchasing a property. Token money is exchanged once the buyer and seller have reached an agreement on the selling price. Set up an amount of token money that everyone agrees on.

Typically, you will have to pay around five per cent of the entire price as token money. Furthermore, prior to handing over your money, ensure you have everything in writing and that everything is legal.

how to buy property in pakistan


You would never want to trap yourself into a scam, right? Well, for this, you will have to confirm that your acquired plot is transferred to you and that it is recorded on paper with your name in the transfer letter before purchasing a property.

Use Bank Pay Order

Using a bank pay order will ensure that the transaction is transparent and that your finances are not put at risk. Home loans are available from a variety of banks; hence, using them can be a safer option.

The Bottom Line

Buying a property is not a negligible investment at all. Hence, making sure that the process is promising and fulfilling is extremely important. Following the above-mentioned considerations before buying land in Pakistan will never leave you regretting your decision. These phases will not only assist you but will also organize and clarify the entire procedure.


Have you ever thought about an industry that will never make you regret your investment? Looking at the trend of the real estate industry in Pakistan.


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