Rabia Enclave Karachi

rabia-enclave-apartmentsAre you looking for an environmentally friendly and low on cost space that is secure as well as using green energy? If so, then you have arrived at the correct place because all these are the staples of Rabia Enclave Apartments Karachi. In a world where there is constant land development. Which results in fumes and other hazardous things. Which is constantly upsetting the environment? Rabia Enclave Apartments are a breath of fresh air with this green energy. The low-cost project will revolutionize all further housing projects. Because of its conscious efforts to make better decisions for us and the environment.

rabia-enclave-apartmentsGreen energy is a source of renewable energy. Which is generated from natural and renewable energy sources which are naturally replenished like solar energy. Wind energy or hydroelectricity. Rabia enclave Apartments use solar energy which is not only incredibly smart. It’s a good decision for nature and the environment. But it also cuts electricity costs in half. In Rabia Enclave Apartments, each unit makes use of its own autonomous solar panel. Solar panels absorb sunlight as a source of energy and use it to generate electricity. This project has a Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant with all the condos having autonomous solar energy power units. Which will help to reduce half the amount of electricity bills as well as help the environment. There are two towers all set for ownership with a world-class framework with a passageway from 150 feet wide street network.


  • 5 minutes’ drive and 3.5 km away from Sohrab Goth (which acts as an entry point to Karachi from the rest of Pakistan) and Abul Hassan Isphani Road.
  • 20 minutes away from the City Centre.
  • On Main Super Highway opposite Daewoo Terminal.
  • Near Gwalior Housing Society, Scheme 33 where the city is undergoing rapid development.
  • Many housing societies like Bahria Town Karachi, DHA Karachi & Fazaia Housing Scheme are located on the same course.


Not only do Rabia Enclave Apartments have a solar-powered green energy source of power which makes it incredibly cost-effective and affordable but it also has impeccable design and a secure and safe gated community. Due to it being a gated community, it is very safe and secure and has 24-hour security. The Rabia Enclave Apartments are beautifully furnished apartments with aesthetically pleasing interior design along with well-equipped contemporary kitchens. These modernistic 2-bedroom apartments are available at 40.17 lacs PKR on 30% Down Payment and installment plans. They have 2 exceptional bedrooms with baths and an avant-garde living room as well as an inviting and fashionable drawing-room.


  • A state-of-the-art gymnasium with all contemporary machinery to always keep you healthy and fit.

rabia-enclave-apartmentsA rooftop mosque is available which helps you offer all the prayers on time and never run through the hassle about going outside the residency to offer prayers.

  • It also has a rooftop garden to spend your evenings and enjoy the beautiful view of Karachi draped in the sunset.
  • There is also a play area for kids which will enhance entertainment for the children and keep them busy and lively and give them quality time.
  • A BBQ area for the adults to enjoy those winter evenings and host get-togethers and parties and also have a chance to interact with the rest of the residents of Rabia Enclave Apartments and make many memories.

Why Invest in Rabia Enclave Karachi:

  • The ideal location of Main Super Highway makes it profitable.
  • Secured investment because of KBCA, SBCA & ABAD Approvals.
  • Easy access for many other locations like I.I Chundrigar Road, Saddar & Clifton through Layari Express.
  • The city is expanding on Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway & many housing societies like Bahria Town Karachi, DHA Karachi & Fazaia Housing Scheme are located on the same course. These societies are a minimum of 15 km away from Sohrab Goth while Rabia Enclave is just 3.5 km from Sohrab Goth.
  • Rabia Enclave is located in an already well-facilitated, populated area.
  • Rabia Enclave is the heart of Scheme-33 which is the most important avenue for Real Estate investors.
  • Adjacent to Gwalior Society.
  • Real estate gains were 40-45% in the last 3 years & are expected to be 60-65% in the next 3 years.
  • To buy a property in Karachi, this is an ideal investment in Karachi.


Here are the construction updates of Rabia Enclave Karachi as of November 2018.

  • Tower 1 and 2 have been completed and ready to move.
  • RCC Flooring of Tower 3 is in progress
  • Foundation work of Tower 4 and 5 is complete.

rabia-enclave-apartmentsAbout Developers

A venture of Sky view Builders and Developers, Rabia Enclave is a marvel of scientific developments and an environmentally friendly housing project which not only cares about its investors and residents but also about the climate and the environment.

Sky View Builders and Developers are working under the umbrella of the Shaikhani Group of Companies which is always working to upgrade the personal satisfaction of its investors and residents by making and creating world-class properties and contemporary and orderly framework and prioritizes your comfort and safety above all else. The Shaikhani Group of Companies encourages its investors by keeping up solid ties with individuals at all levels. Both inside and outside the association. Outfitted with an affair of more than 30 years in land advancement and contributing more than 30,000 units all over the world since it initially started its activities in 1978, the Shaikhani Group of Companies has revolutionized land development and it is always improving its standards.


Here is the floor plan of Rabia Enclave 2 Bedroom Apartments Karachi.

  1. TYPE A


  2. Brabia-enclave-apartments
  1. C

rabia-enclave-apartmentsPRICING PLAN

Here is the Payment Plan of Rabia Enclave Karachi.

rabia-enclave-apartmentsWith these incredible payment plans and installment plans along with the fact that Rabia Enclave Apartments Karachi is the first green energy low-cost housing project, it would be a crime not to invest in this project. So, book your plot on Nestleap now and get the most amazing deal along with a friendly and comfortable staff always at your behest. Besides Rabia Enclave, check out other options in Lahore and Islamabad like Spring Apartments and Eighteen Apartments respectively which offer you luxurious and comfortable living options.

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