Ramada Hotel Lahore

Is it your first time visiting the enigmatic and diverse city of Lahore? Are you coming here for business or pleasure? No matter what it is, your best pick for any kind of endeavor or adventure is Ramada Hotel Lahore. Providing the greatest amount of luxuries at the most economical price. Ramada Resort is your best bet when looking for a place to stay on your visit to the cultural hub that is Lahore. Soak in all the culture and authenticity of the city with the most modern and luxurious living conditions. Ramada hotel is a marvel of international facilities and luxuriesramada-hotel-lahore

Operating in over 65 countries with 850 full-service hotels, Ramada hotel is setting the standards for all international hotels with its amicable environment, excellent service, and luxuries abound. The aesthetically pleasing and comfortable environment will automatically put you at ease and the facilities and amenities will ensure a marvelous hotel experience.

World-Class Facilities at Ramada Hotel

 Luxury hotel apartments

These magnificent luxury apartments with terracotta tiles and a minimalist design showcase a pristine living space. The fully furnished bathrooms with effulgent porcelain tiles offer an elegant sheen. The interior design is a sight for sore eyes with its granite floors, fluorescent lights, and a pristine and beautiful all-white furniture. Once you stay at one of Ramada’s luxury apartments, you will never want to leave.

ramada-hotel-lahoreHotel Services
  • Dry cleaning services are also being offered day and night as Ramada hotel wants you to feel right at home with their attentive service.
  • The 24/7 concierge service is available for your convenience and comfort. Moreover, the 24-hour high-security services ensure your safety which is a priority for Ramada hotel.
  • There is ample parking with over 200 spaces ensures that you will never be inconvenienced.


Rooftop Pool

Revel in luxury at the lavish rooftop pool which is surrounded by 4 and 5-star restaurants and the luminous city lights enhancing the radiant beauty of the view. The tranquil turquoise water will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated for days. Enjoy the beautiful evening view submerged in the water.

ramada-hotel-lahoreShopping mall

A luxurious shopping mall with over 157 branded stores in the Ramada plaza is available. For all your shopping needs and necessities so even if you’re in town for a short while. You can avail of the best shopping experience that Lahore has to offer. The exquisite local Lahore brands are famous all over Pakistan for their ingenuity and classic and chic fashion. It also offers a Foodcourt with international and local cuisines. The mall spans over the lower ground, ground, first, and second floors of the building offering an indulgent shopping experience.


ramada-hotel-lahoreGreat Location

Ramada Lahore is located at a prime location where you get to enjoy all the best that Lahore has to offer. Only a 2 minutes’ walk from Faletti’s Hotel and 2 minutes’ drive from the Provincial Assembly, it is located in the most opportune location. Ramada is only 3 minutes from the main Mall road and 5 minutes’ from Alhamra Arts Council. It has easy access to major banks and other commercial hubs on Mall Road and is 10 minutes from King Edward Medical University and Mayo Hospital.

ramada-hotel-lahorePayment Plan

  • Deluxe Apartments

    Luxury deluxe apartments are being offered to range from 341, 355, 359. 372 square feet with prices ranging from 7,757,000, 8,075,000, 8,075,000.  8,462,000 respectively. They’re all available on 30% down payment and 48 monthly installments.

  • One-Bedroom Suite

    Starting at 388 sq. ft to 427 and 490 sq. ft, these one-bedroom suites are also available on 30% down payment and installment plans of 48 months. The prices range from 8,826,000 to 9,713,000 to 11,146,000.

  • One Bedroom Executive Suite

    These luxury executive suites are being offered at 505 sq. ft. At 11,487,000 rupees and 530 sq. ft at 12,054,000 rupees. They are also being offered at 30% down payment and 48-month installments.

  • Lower Ground Floor Shops

    With 20% on possession, these shops range in size starting from 135 sq. ft. All the way to 210 sq. ft with the net price ranging from 5,419,000. All the way to 8,430,000. These shops are also available on 36 monthly installment plans starting from 56,448 rupees. For 135 sq. ft shop and 87,813 rupees for 210 sq. ft.

  • Ground Floor Shops

    The ground floor shops are being offered from sizes ranging from 139 sq. ft to 642 sq. ft. With the price tag ranging from 7,443,000 PKR to 34,360,000 PKR respectively. These are being offered at 30% down payment and a 48-month installment

  • First Floor Shops

    Available from 127 sq. ft up to 265 sq. ft. The first-floor shops at Ramada plaza are being offered at PKR 5,112,000 up to PKR 10,638,000. They are also available on 30% down payment and 48 monthly investments.

  • First Floor Food Court

    Two food courts are available in 446 sq. ft. and 470 sq. ft. At the net price PKR 17,903,000 and PKR 18,866,000. These are also available on 30% down payment PKR 5,370,900 and PKR 5,659,800 respectively. All of the aforementioned properties are available 20% on possession. ramada-hotel-lahore

ramada-hotel-lahorePrime luxuries
  • Fine dining in ostentatious restaurant luxury rooftop pool. With a view to taking your breath away platinum fitness center deluxe soothing spa
  • A therapeutic and refreshing sauna
  • Meditative and comfort inducing steam rooms
  • A terrace that offers enchanting views of the entire city
  • The healthy fitness platinum center with advanced exercise equipment will give you a luxury experience like no other
  • 3 multiplex cinemas and a VIP cinema will make your stay memorable and exciting.

ramada-hotel-lahoreMake your stay in Lahore memorable and filled with pleasure and luxury by staying at the Ramada resort. Where your all needs will be met. You will enjoy an unparalleled hotel experience. With all kinds of services and luxuries. You will never be exhaustive or bore. Approved from LDA.

Take a plunge in the rooftop pool or just enjoy the view of the city. Experience fine dining with an excellent view and relax in the sauna or melt away your worries in the steam rooms. Your stay in Ramada hotel will be one to remember so book your furnished, luxury filled room now.

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