Riverwalk Islamabad

Don’t you ever wish that you lived in the countryside? With the sight of beautiful mountains and the sound of gushing rivers when you woke up? Well, with this brand-new project in the heart of Islamabad. Riverwalk Apartments Islamabad will have all the luxuries and comfort of living in the city.  All the scenic beauty and peace of the countryside.

riverwalk-apartments-islamabadA Marvel of Nature

Riverwalk Apartments Islamabad brings you comfortable and luxurious living with the scenic beauty of Islamabad. However, that’s not the extent of its appeal by a long shot. What sets Riverwalk Apartments aside from every other such endeavor in the city. That its right beside a gushing river which adds to the entire experience. The Soan River runs right beside the  Riverwalk luxurious Apartments and gives off the vibe of beautiful countryside. While also providing all modern technology and facilities. Nature is a big part of the beautiful city of Islamabad. It has been incorporated into these exquisite apartments.

The view of roaring tides of Soan River and lush green parks are a sight to behold and call out to nature lovers everywhere. Not only is it incredibly refreshing. But also environmentally and ecologically a marvel and keeps you always refreshed. While also helping with the environment. Riverwalk Islamabad is a perfect blend of modern technology coming together with the purity and freshness of nature. This perfectly constructed apartment building lies on the Islamabad Expressway. Which puts it at the center of Islamabad and closes to the airport and all the commercial areas. This perfect location allows you to wake up to the beautiful sounds of the streaming of rivers and water waves.

riverwalk-apartments-islamabadAbout Developers

Riverwalk Apartments in Islamabad is an alluring and luxurious new project. By Ace group of companies in cohorts with the Shaikhani Group of Companies. Who has more than 30 years’ worth of experience under their belt. The developers of Riverwalk Islamabad are the extremely reputable and trusted Ace Group. The Ace Group began its journey in 1984. It has an experience of over 30 years in the world of real estate. With the excellent construction of a strong albeit small plaza in Rawalpindi. Which still stands there. After their first endeavor in Rawalpindi. Ace Group went on to expand by adding exemplary new branches. Like Ace homes, Ace Venture, Ace Avenue & Ace Uptown in Islamabad to its name.

The Ace Group of Companies have changed the landscape of the green city of Islamabad. By erecting and developing beautiful, exclusive, and aesthetically pleasing houses and commercial avenues and luxury apartments. Their brilliant and dependable work all around puts them a league above their competitors. That makes them a trusted source of good housing development. With so many of their commercial and residential projects. They already a huge and celebrated success in the capital city of Islamabad. Ace Group now brings to Islamabad its brand-new innovation. The Riverwalk Apartments offering 2, 3, and 5-bed apartments. These luxurious and beautiful apartments. Ace Group is a symbol of their hard-working management and a dedicated team.


Riverwalk Apartments stands five stories tall and offers a panoramic view. In the Margalla hills along with a picturesque river running through. The 6 floors contain 2- and 3-bedroom luxurious apartments and 5-bedroom grand penthouses. Each apartment and penthouse have well-equipped kitchens and roomy dining areas. The best part is the spacious rooms and lobby, which gives a regal touch to the interior of Riverwalk apartments and penthouses. Moreover, the expansive terrace adds to the overall beauty of the apartments and also brings the picturesque views of the mountains and Soan river and the fresh air right into your home.riverwalk-apartments-islamabad


  • At a prime location in Islamabad.
  • Overseeing Soan River.
  • 5 minutes away from DHA Islamabad & Bahria Town.
  • At 10 minutes’ drive from GT road.
  • On Signal-free Islamabad Expressway.
  • 5 km from New Airport


Apart from offering the most beautiful view of the most beautiful city of Pakistan. Riverwalk Islamabad also offers incredible facilities and numerous amenities. That makes Riverwalk Apartments the perfect investment and residential opportunity. Prioritizing your security and safety above all else. Riverwalk Islamabad has an earthquake-proof building design. Around the clock DHA Security system as well as CCTV security.

Moreover, it has got exemplary plunge pools and steam rooms for you to relax in after a long day of work. Let all your worries wash off of you. Riverwalk Apartments Islamabad also includes a sauna for its residents. Including all these luxuries, Riverwalk Islamabad also has incredible sporting facilities. Like a state-of-the-art gymnasium. Tennis court, a spa, and a play area for the children. There is also a rooftop space for family events. Individual backup for every residence. Car parking area, and a car parking service, and is handicapped accessible.

Why Invest in The Riverwalk Islamabad

  • Average annual yield up to 7%
  • Construction of signal-free corridor from Zero points to GT Road in Rawat.
  • 60-70% gain expected in the next 3 years.
  • Easy access to major projects of the city like World Trade Centre & Benazir Bhutto International Airport.
  • Easy access to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.
  • Construction of 11th Avenue.
  • Construction of Margalla Avenue from GT Road to Sector D-12.
  • Easy access to Centaurus mall, Faisal Masjid & Zero Point Interchange.
  • The price per sq. ft. of Riverwalk is just PKR 6275 while of Minara Residence is PKR 7500, Zarkoon Heights is PKR 8000 & The Springs Apartments is available for PKR 10,000 per sq. ft.

Floor Plan

2 bedroom

riverwalk-apartments-islamabad-3 bedroom

riverwalk-apartments-islamabad-5 bedroom


Payment Planriverwalk-apartments-islamabad

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Nestleap now and enjoy amazing discounts and installment plans on this beautiful property. Which gives you the incredible amenities along with a breathtaking view that you won’t find anywhere else. So invest now in Riverwalk Islamabad Pakistan with the astonishing payment plans. Nestleap starting from 20% down payment and monthly and quarterly installment plans.

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