Lahore is second largest city in Pakistan. This city is core of art and culture. In this fast developing city, to find your own house is a dream. Due to high living standard and facilities, peaceful living is desire of everyone. Orbit Group has launched Springs Apartments in remote city Lahore. These apartments present the culture and modern living of Lahore. Lahore is a city where living is so costly. There, project of Springs Apartment Lahore is blessing. These apartments are on the most growing location of the city. With high end facilities, Springs Apartments have no competition in Lahore. Springs Apartment Homes Lahore is blend of cultural and modern lifestyle.

Location and Site Connectivity

Springs Apartment Homes are present opposite to Izmir Town, Canal Bank Road, Lahore. All main points of the city are near to Springs Apartments, such as Metro Cash & Carry and Metro Orange Train, etc.

springs-apartment-lahoreSeveral private and government institutes are approachable from these Springs Apartments. These beautiful Springs Apartments have following connections to different sites: 1. 1 minute from Qaddafi Stadium 2. 2 minutes’ from UCH Hospital Liberty 3. 2 minutes’ from ShahkamChowk 4. 3 minutes’ from EME Sector 5. 3 minutes’ from Indus Hospital 6. 5 minutes’ from Bahria Ring Road 7. 6 minutes’ from M2 8. 7 minutes from BuptiyanChowk 9. 12 minutes’ from BabuSabu 10. 10 minutes’ from Punjab University 11. 12 minutes’ from Ring Road 12. 20 minutes’ from M3

Springs Apartment Lahore Developers

After Springs Apartment, Islamabad, Springs Apartment Homes Lahore came into existence. Developers of Springs Apartment Homes are Orbit Developers Pvt Ltd. These developers have developed this project in association with Orbit Housing Group. Orbit Housing is a private real estate firm. This real estate firm promotes housing by keeping in view the need of the hour. This developing group always works on the principle of trust, innovation and quality. These apartments are one of the groundbreaking plans of Orbit Group.

Springs Apartment Lahore Master Plan

Springs Apartment Homes comprises area of 86 Kanals. There are Apartments and Villas for sale in Springs Apartments. There are 4 residential blocks: – Block-1 – Block-2 – Block-3 – Block-4 All these blocks offer 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. Villas of Springs Apartment are of 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms. There is another block; Block-5, which is especially for Springs Royal Club. This Royal Club offers amazing facilities. These facilities include; Swimming, Sauna, Sports, Health Club, etc.

Safe Investment In Springs Lahore

Springs Apartment Homes are offering quality apartments and villas for sale. With a flexible installment plan, there are many investment advantages here. Springs Apartments offer investor-friendly contract conditions and price plan. There are following investment benefits of Springs Homes: – Orbit Housing Project – 7-8% rental gain of total investment – Consistent growth – Easy installment plan of 48 months – Accessibility to main points of Lahore city – Sale at 20% down payment – Expected 65-75% rise in next 4 years in real estate gain.

Salient Features and Facilities

Springs Apartment Homes offers hi-tech facilities. Bunch of all living facilities is within gated community. These kind of housing facilities are not less than a blessing. Following are these facilities:

  • 24/7 Power Supply
  • To provide comfort and peace to the residents, there is full backup of power supply here.
  • Cooling and Heating Systems
  • For comfortable living in all seasons, there are heating and cooling systems.
– High-End Security

There are unbeatable security systems. Security personals are always on their sites. Springs Apartment is crime free living space. Along with security from criminals, there are buildings secured from natural disasters too.

– Good Speed Elevators

From basement car parking to each floor, there are speedy elevators.

– Cinemas/Theaters

For public amusement, there is 3D cinema. To spend quality time with friends and family this is the best place to go.

– Mini Golf Course

There is an area specific for golf. People who love sports and especially golf can come here to enjoy.

– Best Health Facilities

From medical to gym, there are all health facilities in the society. There are spa and sauna also within the society. Residents don’t need to go outside for any health facility.

– Community Centre

For interaction of people, there is Community Centre in the Springs Apartment. Residents of different age can come and make contacts with other people.

– Royal Club

There is a royal club for the residents only. This club offers high fitness exercise equipment. This club also provides training of yoga, aerobics, and weight loss, etc.

There is swimming facility in plunge pools. There are lifeguards and coaches to ensure safety.

Floor Plans

Springs Apartment Homes, Lahore provide quality life style to people. There are apartments and villas in all 4 blocks for sale. There are double story villas with their garage and parking. Apartments are of different designs based on the need of living. There are different types of apartments following below:

– Suit Apartments

Suit Apartments are for distinguished guests with comfort and peace. These are present in Block-5, where is the Royal Club. They comprise of 1-5 floor levels. They are of 780SqFt.

– Studio Apartments

These apartments have concept of hotels. They are for small family, students or for people who want short term stay. These are best for travelers. They are present in Block-4D and Block-5. They have ground floor to 5th floor plan. Ground floor is present in Block-4D apartments. Studio Apartments are of 780SqFt.

– 1-Bed Apartments

These kinds of apartments are for small family or students. They have beautiful designs and good facilities. These are available in Block-2, 3 and Block-4. They are of 1-5 floor levels. They have area of 620-790SqFt.

– 2-Bed Apartments

These 2-Bed Springs apartments are for moderate size families. Students can buy these best apartments to live in this remote city. These are available in Block-2, 3 and Block-4. They have area of 920-1070SqFt.

– 3-Bed Apartments

These apartments have all modern facilities. Medium size family can live here . These are available in all 4 residential blocks. They have 1 to 5 floor levels with Ground and Mezzanine floor in villas. They have area of 1510SqFt.

Springs Apartments Lahore Prices

Springs Apartments offer best villas and apartments for sale in Lahore. All these are with modern facilities. There is an easy installment plan of 48 months. You can book your apartment or villa on installments or cash. Booking is already in progress. Booking payment is set on 10% down payment. One has to pay 10% confirmation payment after a month. After confirmation, the remaining payment will be payable in next 48 months or in 16 quarters.All the apartments are very affordable.  Studio Apartments have prices from 4,920,000 to 6,660,000 PKR.

  • Prices of Springs Villas are from 33,600,000 to 43,750,000 PKR.
  • Prices of Suit Apartments range from 7,830,000 to 10,740,000 PKR.
  • The prices of 1-Bed Apartments are ranging from 8,620,000 to 10,750,000 PKR.
  • Prices of 2-Bed Apartments are from 11,470,000 to 18,540,000.
  • The prices of 3-Bed Apartments are from 19,120,000 to 21,130,000 PKR.

Springs Apartment Homes provide the best opportunity of living in heart of Lahore. Springs Lahore are worth buying for the people who want to live a comfortable life. With all good facilities, these are best opportunities for investors also.



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