Cliffside Villas | Dream Place To Live In Hills

Cliffside villas are the talk of the town lately. This is because of their incredible designs. Architecture and engineering are phenomenal. The designs are not only long-standing but also aesthetically pleasing. Yet, that’s not all. With Cliffside Villas Bhurban, you don’t just get beautiful designs and strong structure. You will also get all the facilities you could ask for and then some. These villas in Murree are extremely beautiful and alluring. And all the major tourist sites are quite nearby. This allows you to easily step out of your home and into the bustling city.

The Location of Cliffside Villas Bhurban

You would think all these amazing aspects are enough to lure anyone in and to settle down here. But there’s more where that came from. Not only are Cliffside beautiful and sturdy but they also capture the beauty of the location. Yes, Cliffside Villas are located right in the middle of the beautiful mountains and the lush green forests of Murree.

It is located in the heart of Bhurban. Bhurban is a magnificent location. It boasts alluring, clear blue valleys. These valleys are clean and pure and offer the very best of nature. These divine valleys radiate with beauty and charm.

Visit Your Favorite Tourist Sites

All the major tourist sites are nearby. So, you can visit them whenever you like.

  • Located at main Bhurban Road, Murree.
  • 3.4 km from Chinar Golf Club.
  • 3.5 km from Pearl Continental Hotel.
  • 3.5 km from Eliot Forest.
  • 10.7 km from Jika Gali.
  • 14 km from Mall Road, Murree.
  • 21 km from Kohala Bridge.
  • 26 km from Patriata Chair Lift.
  • 32 km from Ayubia.

Dazzling Mountains All-Around

These beautiful and alluring mountains are the major appeal of this place. You will be surrounded by these divine mountains even at home. In summer, the mountains are green and heavenly. But in winter, their mountains are snowcapped. It seems as if they have been draped over by a pristine, white sheet. The Murree hills are green and alive. Even in summers, these mountainous ranges keep the temperature cool and radiant.

For this reason, it is the perfect summer house. The summer sun feels warm on your skin. You glow in this beautiful summer wonderland. You will forget all about the beaches once you visit this marvelous place. Escape the exhausting and excruciating summers of the major cities. They are filled with noise pollution and smog. And on top of that, the difficult heat is hard to bear. Even if you escape the heat, you never seem to escape the exhaustion. All the while, this heavenly wonderland draws quite a different picture. While major cities are drenched in the heat and pollution, Murree is alive, cool, and breezy.

Yes, in the difficult summer of Pakistan, you will get cool mornings and sunny afternoons in Murree. Enjoy the beautiful and cool sunrises. And the sunsets are even more beautiful as you witness the sun disappearing behind the mountains and all the hills are alight in an orange hue. This exquisite vision is enough to bring anyone to a halt. You will surely be submerged in the beauty of such a splendid scene.

A Winter Wonderland Surrounded by Divine Mountains

Not only is this the perfect location for a summer house but it is also a beautiful winter wonderland. It is surrounded by pristine mountain ranges. And in the winters, these mountains are aglow. With clouds floating around the mountains, you will want to go up there and touch them yourself. But fear not. In the winter, the clouds really are close enough for you to touch! It starts to snow as soon as the winter approaches.

So, you will be making snowmen in the thick of winter. And when you wake up, the beautiful mountains topped with snow like whipped cream will be the first thing you see as you look out the window. What an aesthetically pleasing sight to behold! If you are an adventurer, you can go hiking in the snowy mountains. Or if staying indoors is more your thing, just sit atop your terrace or in the 5-star PC Bhurban and sip your coffee while enjoying the mesmerizing sights.

With these snowcapped mountains all around you and the clear, blue valleys, as well as the green forests, made white with the snow, you will never want to leave! This beautiful winter land is bewitching, captivating, and alluring. Once you get used to living in this paradise, you will never want to live anywhere else! It is truly a beautiful place with the villas that are designed to perfection.

Inviting Lush Green Forest

Did you think that the charm and appeal of Cliffside Villas Bhurban ended there? You are quite mistaken. In fact, right next door is a captivating, lush green forest. This beautiful forest invites you to it. It is offering all the oneness and spirituality of nature. You can go trekking in this beautiful forest. The pines are inviting and charming.

You can also enjoy the view of the forest from the comfort of your own home. Enjoy the view of the lush green forest. Get lost in its charm and allure. The wide aluminum windows of Cliffside villas allow you to take in the entire view of this marvel of nature. It is ripe for exploring. Go hiking or take a walk in this bewitching forest. A walk or run every day in this forest will keep you fresh and productive. Not to mention, the air is cleaner and fresher than anywhere else.

You will even see an improvement in your health and skin in just a week. But don’t take our word for it. Come on down to the Cliffside Villas yourself and take in all these amazing prospects and the mesmerizing view. On top of that, you can even choose what kind of view you want from your bedroom window. Yes, that’s right. Cliffside Villas is surrounded by beautiful mountains, a bewitching forest, and pristine valleys. And you have the option to choose any view you like!

Perfectly Designed Villas

The Cliffside Villas are perfectly designed villas. They have been designed keeping your pleasure and luxury in mind. Yes, these villas offer you comfort, luxury, and pleasure. Not only are they boasting the most magical view but the interior of these villas is truly splendid.

  • The wide aluminum windows allow you to take all the view in at once. These windows are structurally sound. They are made specifically keeping in mind the amazing view surrounding the villas. As you can choose the view from your house, you can sit next to the window and take in the view of the beautiful mountains or valleys. This beautiful view will immediately ease all your anxieties. It will open you up to nature and the magic of nature’s beauty.
  • There is a marvelous sunroom on the first floor of every villa. Sunrooms are a great way to enjoy the weather, the skies, and the marvelous view. You can enjoy this amazing view right from your home. The great thing about these sunrooms is that they will protect you from any adverse weather all the while letting you enjoy it from the comfort of your home. Now when it is snowing heavily and you can’t leave the house, fear not. You can still the snow and the beautiful skies from the sunroom. You can enjoy the snow and even hailstorms and rain while sipping hot cocoa and curled up next to the fireplace. Where else can you get that? Nowhere but Cliffside Villas.

European Style Villas

  • The villas have been designed with a contemporary European style. This means bold colors and harsh lines. This will give your home a subtle and pristine look. The color palettes used are simples and mostly nudes. This gives your home a modern, chic urban look. Natural materials like marble and stone are used for the floors. Your home will be trendy, modern, and up to date. You even have the option to buy a furnished house which will be decorated by the finest interior designers. Approved from LDA(Lahore Development Authorities)
  • These villas have double stories. All the villas have a garage and ample parking space. The interior of the villas is not only mesmerizing and beautiful but also quite spacious. Because of this, all the rooms are quite commodious. They are wide and the muted colors offer it an even more impressive look. The bathrooms have the most high-quality fixtures along with the rest of the house.
  • These villas also have an earthquake-resistant structure design. Because of this, you can rest assured in your home. Even among the mountains, you will be completely safe should such an occasion may arise. The houses are earthquake resistant. That means that you can buy your house with the guarantee that it will be safe from any natural disasters. This means that you never have to worry about those things. This is because the developers of Cliffside Villas Bhurban have your safety and security in mind.
  • All the villas have 3 bedrooms with a garage and an open kitchen that is spacious and modern.

    Leisure Activities

    All kinds of leisure time activities are available here at Cliffside Villas Bhurban. It is near enough to all the best tourist sites. You can visit those anytime you like. If you want to try something new, you can do that as well.

    • Play golf at the Chinar golf club. If you are looking for something to do, look no further than the Chinar golf club.
    • Go to Mall Road and revel in the local culture. Haggle with the carpet sellers or enjoy the local cuisine. Better yet, take souvenirs for all your loved ones.
    • Go trekking or walking in the Eliot forest nearby.
    • Sit in the cable car and take in the view while in the air at Patriata.
    • There is a dedicated space for the residents of the Cliffside Villas Bhurban where you can have a BBQ night or enjoy a bonfire.
    • You can even visit the prestigious PC hotel that is only 5 minutes away. Take a swim in their swimming pool or enjoy fine dining whenever you feel like it.
    • You can even go hiking in the majestic mountains.
    • If you are an adventure freak, go paragliding amidst the mountains. You will have something amazing to tell your friends and family about.
    • Sit atop the Murree chair lifts and take in the exhilarating fun of the city. It is the oldest tradition of Murree. If you visit, you must sit in the chair lift. And now you can avail this amazing opportunity as often as you like.
    • Visit the beautiful and charming parks of Murree like Chittar park, Sangrela park or Sozo water park.
    • You can even go horse riding.

Villa Facilities and Services

All the most important and amazing villa services are offered here at Cliffside Villas Bhurban. This is a gated community so you will have security 24/7. You will have everything you need like Wi-Fi and electricity available at all times. Maintenance staff will also always be available on call. Cliffside Villas also offer many other services like a cook and a general store on the premises.

  • Gated Community
  • Home automation infrastructure for remote and better power management
  • Uninterrupted Power supply
  • Hi-Speed Wi-Fi Internet
  • Led Lighting
  • Cable TV
  • 24 Hours On-Call Maintenance Staff like plumber, electrician
  • Housekeeping services
  • Laundry Service
  • Cliffside Riders available round the clock
  • Individual parking space
  • On-Site General Store
  • Cook available on call
  • LPG availability
  • Dedicated Space for BBQ or bonfires

So, what are you waiting for?

Visit this amazing property now and avail seizure on 20% down payment. Cliffside Villas Bhurban offers you an amazing location with the most divine views and villas that are designed to perfection.

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